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There are a lot of proof points about how you get attacked when connected to the internet. The most common method for your PC, MAC or Tablet to be compromised is you downloading a Virus or Trojan without knowing it, or accidentally.

This could be you opening an email attachment sent to you by a non-trusted source, or you clicking on a link to download a file from the web, not realising it contains a nasty. It is also possible for you to visit a nefarious website and for it to automatically start to down load a file in the background without your knowledge.

So how do you protect yourself? Well there are some security essentials you should always follow to keep you and your PC will stay safe. Below are a list of the critical ones, follows these and you are going to stay safe a significantly majority of the time.

Ignore them at your own peril.

Step 1 : Enable Windows Update

Content Summary: Enable Windows Update

Whenever a new problem is found with your operating system the vendor, Apple, Google or Microsoft will release a fix for it. On a Windows machine we can enable Automatic Windows Updates to allow these new patches to be applied.

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Step 2: Install a Secure Web Browser

Content Summary: Install a Secure Web Browser

Most of the newer web browsers have security features turned on, if you have an older browser you are likely at risk. The best idea would be to upgrade your browser to the latest version.

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Step 3: Install Antivirus

Content Summary: Install Antivirus

Antivirus will allow the detection of known Virus or Trojans. They keyword here is “known”, if it is a new Virus it is likely that your Antivirus product does not know about it, yet. Which means even with Antivirus installed you are still at risk if you down load a file from a non trusted source.

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Step 4: Install Microsoft Security Essentials

Content Summary: Install Microsoft Security Essentials

Technically Microsoft Security Essentials is an Antivirus product, but it has the advantage of being able to integrate with Windows Firewall to ensure it is enabled. It also has the advantage of being able to run in conjunction with other Antivirus products.

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Step 5 : Better Email Behaviour

Content Summary: Better Email Behaviour

One of the most popular ways for the bad guys to get access to your machine is to send you and email with an attachment, normally pretending to be from a valid source, such as, UPS, DHL or an Award Promotion.

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Step 6: Better Web Browsing Behaviour

Content Summary: Better Web Browsing Behaviour

An easy way for the bad guys to get you to download a file is to tell you that it is legitimate, for example a program that you are searching for. The best protection against this scam is to only download applications from the original vendor website, or websites that they specifically point you towards.

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